My Active Journey back to Medium-The Why

What Medium means to me, and I want to re-engage

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I will first look at the word Medium, and the site Medium, and how I reached here the first time. Then what has brought me back. I have learned the meaning of the word Medium a few times in my life, from different people at different times. The context and meaning was slightly different each time. I am writing some of them here.

The Meaning

· The first time I was introduced to it when I was in grade eight. My mother told me language was a medium, through which we learn what people are telling us. We can also tell others whatever we want to tell then. We can use language both, verbally, and by writing. Explaining more she said, writing is done in the boundaries of rules, and rhythm that has evolved over time. The verbal expression is less bound by rules, and tradition.

· Two years later I was in a group of friends who were Physics major students. Their teacher had told them- Energy needs a medium to reach the target from the source.

· The third time when I was working, and living in Sanganer a small hamlet known for hand block printing, near the city of Jaipur. My neighbor was a junior Muslim Maulvi (cleric). We used to spend time in the evening on a tea shop near our houses. We used to talk about nature, god, and humans. One day he told me that everything nature gives us reaches us through a medium. He gave me the example of the baby being fed through the mother’s breast.

· I concluded that Medium is a connecting mechanism. I look at this forum as a connecting mechanism for those who want to read, and those who write. Now coming to my coming here the first time, and why I came.

My Induction

I was introduced to Medium by my son who is studying Design & advertising, in the end of 2018. He had seen me getting very frustrated because of my physical limitations. That had made me bitter. He had seen me growing up, and thought that this would give access to the society, although in a limited way.

My First Experience

I found it very nice, to read small pieces of prose and poetry. I kept learning while reading. I read Shuanta Grime, Brain Rowe, Zat Rana, Ayodeji, August Birch repeatedly and others. I will be thankful to them, for making my living worthwhile. I was encouraged to write two short pieces in May last year.

Dormant Period and

My operated leg developed an infection around this time I wrote those two posts.

I went in to a shell of my own in ways. I became like an injured animal not wanting to engage, fearing getting hurt. I would read a little. I stopped my normal exercise. I kept seeing doctors. Reached an orthopedic surgeon who specialized in the hip. I saw him on November 21st, and again on December 5th. I referred me another specialist. While I waited for his office to give me a time, I remembered a Hindi poem by Kabir below

Duvedha miein dono Gaye,

Maya mili Na Ran

Meaning: When you are in Irresolution, you neither achieve wealth nor Enlightenment

Not doing anything was not an option available, I thought. I resumed my exercise in January. It improved my state of mind. I went to the local library with my son. I found this book, “First You Write a Sentence” by Joe Moran. I read it slowly while continuing to doing my exercise regularly. The book re-taught me a lot of what I was forgetting about writing, and life. Joe Moran in the beginning itself says not to consider it a style guide, as he would like to show more than instruct. He has shown the thought of several authors. Besides he took me on a refresher journey about, grammar, syntax, and sentences. Reading the history of the sentence length was a very interesting part.

My real take away was the story of Lev Zazetsky. He was a Russian Sub Lieutenant. Part of his head was blown away from German fire. He was treated and taken care of by Psychiatrist Alexander Luria. Zazetsky could not comprehend when his care started. Luria working on him achieved a breakthrough. Once Zazetsky was able to hold the pencil, he was able to write without lifting it. That took about two decades. He wrote 3000 pages in his journal over twenty five years. He kept writing up to his death in 1993, at the age of seventy three. This means he remained in the care of Luria, for about fifty years. I agree with Joe Moran when he says, “He had achieved Nobility, by writing. In Luria’s words, he had found a way to live not barely exist. Luria published a book based on him, “Tiled “The Man with A Shattered World” published in 1987. I finished Moran’s book on 12th.

Resting it I stopped at another on lying on my desk. Opened it on a random page and read:

“Think yourself dead. You have lived your life. Now take whatever is left and live it properly.”- Marcus Aurelius

I decided to come back to my active journey on Medium. I would not be carried, like in the Fable-Footsteps, where god carried the narrator. I would walk instead.

Diepak Paul writes about his understanding of life and society. He also writes about human state of Mind. He can be reached at

Life gave me much. I published first novel 2011. I am rewriting after my disability due to accident, and stroke. Starting to write here to heal, and be healed.