Knowing and keeping within boundaries enable us to be better

The one crucial thing we learn from experiences is the boundaries we must know. Also, know what to change for betterment. Learning is a process of understanding how to do anything. Improve the quality of the output. We know with our experiences. Right from feeding ourselves, walking, writing, producing works…

It looks like a large concept and hard to adopt. In reality, it is small and helpful.

Awakening is not only beneficial for spiritual pursuits. It is generally associated with the Hindu and Buddhist thought. It has been explored, understood, and discussed in the west by some. Allen Watts talks it. The reality does not become different. Let us know Awakening, as Allen Watts explains. It is…

It remains connected with its origin even after reaching the destination.

Keeping the purpose of nature of keeping life supported it flows. It leaves as many trickles from the glacier, its parent that remains frozen. All those trickles join to become a stream.

It begins the dance, on the rugged bosoms of the mountain, cutting a valley for people to live, over centuries. Reaching plains, it becomes deeper and broader, a reason for people to settle on its banks. It pushes the soil to make way.

It also leaves Oxbow Lakes for water and fills empty hollows to create lakes. It does not forget to reach the sea to make water livable for creatures. It serves life while succeeding. It starts the return journey evaporating to the glacier, its parent. So, learn to serve and succeed.

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One is based on proof other on trust in someone

Talking to friends, saw the possibility of a difference. However, speaking to many friends, it became clear. A Belief is accepting the existence of something with established proof.

However, Faith is the confidence in someone or something without evidence of its existence. That led me to the word Trust we have without proof on a loved one like a parent, friend, or the self.

Thinking, my thought stopped at the Wright Brothers. No one at that time believed that a machine with a man could fly. They had this idea and Trust in their own capacity. They flew the first plane in 1903. Hence, we can conclude that Trust is in true Faith.

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It is what connects the large past to our future with the small neck of the hourglass

Look at the hourglass.
The neck is where you
You could cry or smile
the choice is all yours.
You could build or
break what will you
look like.
Like the narrow neck
of the hourglass your
moment is small but
that is all that is yours.
The top is the past
that is where you and
the whole humanity
came from, all of…

We are the economic man, with no care for others as defined by economist Smith

Psychologist Carl Jung visiting the United States in 1920, called on a Hopi elder in Arizona. The elder said to him, “The White Man is crazy.”

On Jung asking why, the elder said, “Because they think with their head.” Jung asked what you thought with, he said, “With our heart.” This has become relevant today as Empathy has declined and stress has grown.

Celeste Headlee points out in her Ted talk about conversations. The Empathy that has carried humanity through the ages. All issues that cause breakups are because we do not care about others. Only when Empathy is involved, we will care for others.

Had we thought with our hearts, we would have fewer conflicts in the world.

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At birth, we are not aware of not being aware

Scientists have concluded that human consciousness evolved over five or more million years. A New Theory, “Attention Schema Theory,” says we learned to process selective information as we could not process all the current information.

Consciousness and awareness overlap. A child at birth is only aware of the entity of self. It is understood that while feeding on the mother’s breast, the child understands it to be part of the self. Over several weeks, it starts to realize that my mother is different from me.

That is if the mother is looking after the child’s growing up. To learn and know others takes up to four months. Other things and people might be understood come later. Thank you for reading

Physical depths have been explored and measured not memories

The oceans were explored,
and depths measured.
The depths are known,
and the passages are known.
Ships have torn through
the bosom of the seas.
Many centuries kings
sent explorers to find
the wealth and lands
Today they still carry
things people will be
happy to have and own.
They also take men and
arsenal to scare and rule.
Many sailors have died.
To the…

Diepak Paul

Life gave me much. I published first novel 2011. I am rewriting after my disability due to accident, and stroke. Starting to write here to heal, and be healed.

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