Knowing and keeping within boundaries enable us to be better

The one crucial thing we learn from experiences is the boundaries we must know. Also, know what to change for betterment. Learning is a process of understanding how to do anything. Improve the quality of the output. We know with our experiences. Right from feeding ourselves, walking, writing, producing works…

Time continues to add a period we think it has gone

I sit here looking at the watch, trying to talk to time.

There was childhood, and there were friends. That is all gone.

There were Mom and Dad, and they brought what I wanted. That is gone.

There were things I did not know that fascinated me.

Now I know…

It looks like a large concept and hard to adopt. In reality, it is small and helpful.

Awakening is not only beneficial for spiritual pursuits. It is generally associated with the Hindu and Buddhist thought. It has been explored, understood, and discussed in the west by some. Allen Watts talks it. The reality does not become different. Let us know Awakening, as Allen Watts explains. It is…

Walls are built by us to protect yet the divide more than protect.

My mother made me
understand one day.
She explained the
concept of fear.
We think others
would take away,
what we have or
hurt us. Also, why walls,
and curtains exist.
To protect ourselves,
or hide our shame,
we make walls, or
hang curtains around
our space, to what we
think we own or need
to hide something we
would feel ashamed if
someone would take a

All education a society allows is equally or more beneficial for the society itself

Society educates us
to conform to its needs.
Every Nation, every colonizer
educated people to serve.
To what you ask?
Society needs all
resources, money,
Mind, and efforts.
It attracts money,
with a promise to,
give place, position
to earn more to the
With them come the
people with the mind.
To make an effort,
It offers the likes of you,
an opportunity to earn.
For that…

Many truths are spoken when you are lonely

Sitting alone, I thought.
It was a good lie that,
she stills loves me.
Yet, it served a good
purpose kept me happy.
All those tales of love
people tell with trust
that they are believed.
Some came asking me
showing compassion.
Saying, “Tell me all?”
he asked.
I asked, “What you
want to hear, the
grief, or gain, or
you want to reason
why we…

Our experiences our inside us no one know till we tell them

Traveling is bound
to show my sights.
Some please us.
Seeing others make
us feel the pain of others.
The sights remind us
of our own.
Experience is what
many call the greatest
the gift we have in life.
The reason I think
they are great…

Little people hearing this are amazed about what goes on

I heard, many
with broken hearts.
Being young
is to be worth knowing.
Being a little lad, I had
the luxury of ignorance.
I was stretched between
two ideas, first said you must
watch and see what comes by.
The second said to ask an elder
and get an answer for this puzzle.
In other parts of the mind,
it might…

All descriptions go back to the sound heard

The presence of God has
been debated for long.
In the west, find
Aristotle calling God
Energeia means a
self-sustaining structure.
The Abrahamic people
name God The Prophet,
Son of God, and Messenger.
Hindus call him a Supreme being.
Buddhist indicate the self.
The Sikh’s the youngest
faith talk of Ek Omkar.
Going back, we look at the
Jewish faith the Bush talked

We start making an effort to sleep and robs us of our sleep

The breeze cooled my
burning thought.
Looking with intent,
I felt my eyelids dropped.
I slowly rested my
back thinking I will
rest a little before
going to the doctor.
To ask for some sleep
I was fast asleep soon,
a guard woke me up,
as the sun went down.
I had slept a few hours.
walking in the dark saw
a bright fairy…

Diepak Paul

Life gave me much. I published first novel 2011. I am rewriting after my disability due to accident, and stroke. Starting to write here to heal, and be healed.

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