Knowing and keeping within boundaries enable us to be better

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The one crucial thing we learn from experiences is the boundaries we must know. Also, know what to change for betterment. Learning is a process of understanding how to do anything. Improve the quality of the output. We know with our experiences. Right from feeding ourselves, walking, writing, producing works of art, engineering, or doing commercial work are all a result of our learning. We receive guidance from people that are Experienced in life, not necessarily in our field of work, as some principles apply universally I accepted that guidance from my father once. …

Time continues to add a period we think it has gone

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I sit here looking at the watch, trying to talk to time.

There was childhood, and there were friends. That is all gone.

There were Mom and Dad, and they brought what I wanted. That is gone.

There were things I did not know that fascinated me.

Now I know. The mystery is gone. Dear Time you have been with me.

Now I think both of us must be tired. Let us stop for a while.

Precious Time, you have made me run in the hope of catching you.

I sat on my cot want to reach the Time when…

It looks like a large concept and hard to adopt. In reality, it is small and helpful.

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Awakening is not only beneficial for spiritual pursuits. It is generally associated with the Hindu and Buddhist thought. It has been explored, understood, and discussed in the west by some. Allen Watts talks it. The reality does not become different. Let us know Awakening, as Allen Watts explains. It is only an interpretation of what eastern thought has proposed. To start with, we will list what does Awakening does for the individual. It briefly makes the individual aware of, to begin with:

1. Makes one aware of your negatives and positives has conflict-free existence. The conflict arises from the ego.

When we living in a civilized society think of the pain of the deprived — our pain looks like smoke

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Memories are that remain
They are painful sometimes.
No one caused them, I know.
Mom and Dad went on time.
Friend left to run their lives.
Everything changed in days.
Change is the law of nature.
I wept alone many times.
Yet one night, I thought
What did I lose? Only my wishes.
They were the smoke that cleared.
And not the sky which remains.
I read about the deaths.
War and disease killed many.
The pain of those children was
Heart-wrenching that I saw.
Tears washed my soul and heart.
Ashamed, I felt thinking,
of my little pain.
I am not guilty, I know.
As a human, I can feel weak…

Lives we have is a tenancy granted yet we can do much within it

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Tenants we are,
Enjoy while you have it.
It might be a palace,
or hut.
In the hills or in the city.
Our only folly,
we think otherwise.
We behave as owners,
but plead with God to grant.
What do we have to ask?
We want all the power,
Failing to realize,
God may be selfish like us.
We need to accept reality,
tenants do not own.
All neighbors like us,
are tenants like us.
We fight each another,
for our view of God.
We do not even know,
who he/she is.
We fight for an image
We only know some,
as the representatives of God.
Let us pay our rent in prayer.
More than that try to be happy.
The truth is, we will…

Our emotions bind us to so many — we need many heats to care for all we love

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I think I can stop worrying.
That will be when I don’t,
Have this heart,
and emotions in it.
There are many it
worries about.
The puzzle is big,
Each will get one part.
I only have one heart.
How will I give?
In fairness, each must
get a whole.
They taught me
love is wholehearted.
People to pursuits
I love so many
To find heats to give,
Is a task formidable?
I need to know where,
To see so many first.
The other way is to,
ask god all providing
as the call him.
Ask, and you shall receive,
I heard near the alter.
I also know there are
many a billion asking.
God has his hands full.
My turn will come in a
few lifetimes, I think.

It was the big source of life support and remains — even in green areas it comes as a revival of life

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Growing up in the desert,

I learned the value of rain.

It was not frequent,
and was scant when it rained.
In a song the farmers pleaded.

The earth is thirsty,
quench with your blessings.
The land would look blessed,
a few days hence.
There would be blades
of grass showing, trees.

Looked bathed.
The crickets would talk.

Life would arrive,
like the newborn.
It had the sparkle of eyes,
and a toothless smile.
Looking out
this morning.
I saw the grass and smiled.

The little droplets steady.

The rain had stopped at four. …

Every battle has different goals and results for people and the armies

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The focus in a war is the Battleground.
Close of day radios, TVs blare.
To tell you how many died per side.
Far away on both sides is a family.
It was not their war.
The son, spouse, father,
bound by national pride,
or a need had gone to fight.
The community is kind and
showered good words.
There was a hope of finding
pride and provision.
Day’s pass, battle rages.
In anticipation,
they visit the command.

No news is good news.
Their candle still burns.
On one side, one brings celebration
for an act of bravery.
On the other side, it is news…

Spending this one learning to conform to society, I need another to pursue my dreams

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I have spent this one
Learning to obey.
Need another for
The revolution.
You taught me,
good boys obey.
I obeyed you abused.
Is it not my turn?
To do what you,
taught by doing.
Every monkey leap,
at times, to fall or land.
I need another to land.
You also taught me
to follow a passion.
Yet never gave me space
to swing my limbs.
This time I will,
take life on my terms.
With laws that accept,
and not pretend,
to tolerate.

Thank you for reading. Please leave your thought
in the comments for me to understand, what…

Our desires lead us to find ourselves as knowing reality makes it real

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It was for toys as a child.
Friends, it became a little later.
To seek love became the next.
Along came acquiring education.
Wealth was the next horizon.
One day it became Find Self.
One night, I got time to think.
Why Did my desires change?
I looked to match others.
Wanted to be bigger than…
Wanted to be free of bonds.
Thinking started, I thought again.
What did I really want, I thought.
I always thought desires to be needs.
On thinking, I found they were different.
The first desire is hunger; That needs food to satisfy.
A need is what needs fulfilling before,
your desire is realized.
What matters is satisfaction.
The common thing in desires realized,

Diepak Paul

Life gave me much. I published first novel 2011. I am rewriting after my disability due to accident, and stroke. Starting to write here to heal, and be healed.

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