Knowing and keeping within boundaries enable us to be better

The one crucial thing we learn from experiences is the boundaries we must know. Also, know what to change for betterment. Learning is a process of understanding how to do anything. Improve the quality of the output. We know with our experiences. Right from feeding ourselves, walking, writing, producing works…

It looks like a large concept and hard to adopt. In reality, it is small and helpful.

Awakening is not only beneficial for spiritual pursuits. It is generally associated with the Hindu and Buddhist thought. It has been explored, understood, and discussed in the west by some. Allen Watts talks it. The reality does not become different. Let us know Awakening, as Allen Watts explains. It is…

For you the world exists because you exist and what you do leaves your legacy

All of it starts and finishes
where you start and finish.
Your eyes see the morning
and the morning is real.

All those around you are yours
because you exist in the center.
The world is your view of reality
when you close your eyes vanishes.

Merlin said to Arthur…

Diepak Paul

Life gave me much. I published first novel 2011. I am rewriting after my disability due to accident, and stroke. Starting to write here to heal, and be healed.

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